The Medicine Woman

Virtual Retreat


July 22-25

Join us for a 4 day immersive virtual retreat designed to awaken the medicine within you. Together we will embody the sacred feminine, heal with the power of sound, and cultivate rituals that deepen your spiritual practice. 

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There is a Medicine Woman alive within us all

This unique virtual experience brings together community from all around the world. Although we will not being sharing this space in person, the collective connection can very much be felt as we dive into exploring what it means to connect to your divine feminine magic!

Join us from the comfort of your own home or step into becoming a co-creator with us and other woman as you host this virtual experience for others looking to connect too. Whichever you choose, we will provide the retreat schedule and content to lead you through a weekend of healing and soul expansion!

Arrive, Sisters, at the altar of the sacred feminine where connection to the ancient wisdom of your medicine is encoded deep in every cell of your being. Embody your sovereign expression and watch it transform how you heal yourself & the world around you.


Transform through community
& mentorship


We offer this virtual retreat to accommodate convenience and affordability while maintaining the integrity of the experience as a whole!

Explore working with the elements, creating sacred space, walking grounded, sexual embodiment practices, ecstatic dance, sound healing, and the spectrum of your authentic feminine embodiment.

Experience unique modalities of intuitive healing through frequency, movement, and radical self expression. 

Learn powerful daily rituals that will enhance and expand your spiritual practice.

Discover what it feels like to walk through life grounded in your authentic feminine expression.

Receive tools, practices, and guidance from women who empower the world to lead through embodied sovereignty.


Meet Vylana

Sound Alchemist & Medicine Woman

Wailana uses heart-centered modalities to guide people through the realization of their potential. As a sound alchemist, her mission is to use the science of sound to facilitate personal transformation and to help liberate people from the stories that keep them from living in the Truth of their magnificence. Her unique ability to manipulate frequency through her voice and instrumentation allows her to generate sound structures that affect the human on a holistic level. Her vision is to connect people with the inner master that exists within everyone to reclaim the authority as the authors of their lives, and in doing so supporting the rebalancing of our world.

Meet Adrian

Adrian Ellison is a modern day Medicine Woman with a gift of bridging language between what we see with what we feel.

She is the Founder of The Alpas Project & Self Healer Mastermind which encourages individuals to take their physical and mental healing into their own hands. She does this by providing tools to bring awareness to the uniquely unconscious parts of ourselves to access our gifts. Having healed her mind and body of chronic illness, her passion for teaching alternative methods of healing and activate the intuitive healer within us all is at an all time high!

Meet Ashley

Ashley Klein (Ed.S) is a dancer, embodiment guide, retreat facilitator, and music business manager based in Sedona, Arizona. She collaborates on and off stage with international touring artist, Porangui, with the mission of sharing earth-based wisdom through the healing power of music and dance. 

 Her life-long movement practices and training have led her to a current focus on facilitating Dancing Freedom journeys and continuing to study the polyrhythmic dances of the African diaspora. She is on the international Dancing Freedom training team and facilitates at festivals, retreats, and concerts guiding audiences into a deeper connection to the Earth Mother and the elemental wisdom innate within us all. 


take a peek
into the weekend

Know Yourself

The workshops offered during this weekend are curated to bring out clarity and direction about your past, present, and future!

As you come to know yourself and the energy that flows all around you, you shift into a state of consciousness where you can truly navigate life intuitively.

Being a medicine woman means being committed to the healing work it takes to discern the difference between intuition and projection as you relate to yourself and others. Knowing yourself is liberation. 

Explore Your Intuition

What does it mean to have complete authority over your life?

It means to understand the patterns of your energy. How is moves away from you in the form of thoughts, emotions, intentions as well as what energy is moving toward you as you open to your limitless potential. Your medicine is strongest when you are grounded in who you are and how you serve. 

Embody Healing

Explore the healing potential of sound and intuitive self healing as medicine.

This weekend will teach you how to access your most potent medicine as a unique soul expression in the collective of humanity. The healing you call forward in this intimate gathering will in turn be your medicine and your service to everyone you encounter. 

Transform Yourself

The feminine is a master of the universal flow. It is ever moving and changing. As we learn to access and harness our medicine in every present moment, our ability to manifest the life we desire reaches its highest expression. 

Your potential is already within you waiting to be unveiled. From this weekend forward the keys lie your hands. You will learn how to welcome the many cycles of transformation in your life as an ally and a dear friend. 


client stories

“Adrian is a powerful coach who has created such a beautiful community. I’ve always been the girl to plan 10 years in advance, and these weeks have me in tune with my Divine Feminine energy life never before. I can now identify an emotion, hold space for it, and honor it without letting it control me or getting stuck in my body.” 

Whitley F

“The reflections I get out of these experiences have truly been life changing. I have been able to hold my inner child and let her express herself freely. This work has created a huge shift. It created the mental space I needed to show up for myself the way I always wanted to. Adrian’s teachings have been more helpful to me than any professional therapy I have gone through in the previous 20 years of my life!”

Jinica T

The last sound alchemy Vylana did for me was for the whole family, I was due with my second baby any day. I was filled with the divine mother’s energy and knew I was ready to bring our baby girl into the world. I went into labor that night and had the most beautiful home birth, still vibrating from Vylanas sound healing.

Her ability to tune into me and take my soul on an out of body journey, shows the depths of her medicine. Her voice is her gift and her love for her craft is felt. The space that she holds is impeccable. If you can imagine what it would feel like to be cuddled by sound, that is the experience.

Natasha K
Join us

this weekend is
perfect for you if...

You are ready to make your physical and emotional healing a priority

You are no longer willing to give your power away to others

You want to connect with mentors to build upon your relationship with intuition 

You are tried of not feeling free to express your most authentic self

You have been unable to attend our in person experience due to time or finances but know you are being called to working with us

You are ready to share that Medicine with the world around you!

Share This Experience
With Friends! (In Person)


Interested in experiencing more of a in person retreat vibe?

With the help of our retreat coordinator you can co-create your own in person retreat with friends as we air this LIVE virtual weekend. 

This option comes with a complimentary 1:1 coaching call with us to plan out the details of your hosting experience as well as a gift for each woman in attendance. 

If you are called to lead community, what better way to explore with our help!



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Join us for a 4 day Virtual Retreat Experience from the comfort of your own home. This option offers convenience + affordability to attend workshops and learn from mentors serving their Medicine.

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